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We care about the work we do, and the people with whom we do it.

Big Blue Hat is a Values-Based Business

We’re continually inspired by the people with which we work—creators, dreamers, builders, and doers. We collaborate with businesses, organizations, and individuals that put people first, and care about the work they do. When it comes to these collaborations, we think having similar values is important. If you care about these things too, we just might be each other’s cup of tea.

We Love Working With People Who Love

Creating Things.

You’re a builder or creator, a starter of something new, or a master of your craft. You value making something out of the things others overlook, and think taking the time to do it right is the most important thing of all.

Living Inspired.

You’re passionate about your time outside of work and value filling your days with things that inspire you. You believe that a job doesn’t have to be boring, and that you can squeeze joy into almost all aspects of life.

Being Curious.

You view the world through a lens of curiosity and interest, seeing life as an incredible opportunity to perpetually learn. You do your homework before drawing conclusions, and always seek new ways to grow.

Building Community.

You’re dedicated to making your community a better, more inclusive place to live, and see potential in the people around you. You’re unafraid to take on big issues, and value the responsibility of being a neighbor.

Fostering Collaboration.

You’re a believer in the power of collaboration and in elevating your endeavors by bringing in multiple points of view. You’re energized by sharing your projects with the right people, and understand delegation can unlock new and exciting opportunities.

What's in it for you?

Growing your online presence through thoughtful design, well-crafted content, and curated strategy is good business. At Big Blue Hat, we’re here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, better reflecting the quality of your business online.

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Top notch work. Would recommend to anyone looking to have very professional and quality work done!


Emily's insights and descriptive style is genuine and engaging. You would be wise to seek her help with your project or, at least, read some of her work for your own enjoyment.


Emily has such an incredible way with words! No matter the story, you feel like you’re right there with her. She’s had me laughing and crying!


I've had the pleasure of seeing Emily's writing come alive in a collaborative process - she has a gift for capturing the essence of whatever has drawn her focus, and sharing it's story with a clarity and levity that breathes life into the work. 10/10 - would recommend.


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