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Good writing speaks directly to your audiences—providing information, inspiration, or entertainment by using your brand's unique voice.

Project Samples

Blog Writing For Julia Testa

NYC's Premier High-Design Florist

The Julia Testa brand is youthful, passionate, and an authority in the world of floral arrangements. For their blog, we use a  fun, excited voice, engaging their audience with floral how-tos, holiday-inspired pieces, and product listicles.

Website Copy for Studio 549

BC's Avant Garde Production Studio

The Studio 549 brand is built on creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. For their website copy, we crafted a cheeky, original voice aimed at allowing their visual storytelling and Avant Grade methodology to speak for themselves.

Resource Building and Site Copy for O3NC

Canada's Leading Fiber Boost

The Omega3NutraCleanse brand is positive and informative, teaching their customers about their health-filled fiber blend. We crafted informational resources for their website on the benefits of using their product. Stay tuned for new website copy!

SEO Blog Strategy for WebMD Health Services

A Leader in Corporate Wellness

WebMD Health Services is an authority in the corporate wellness space. We conducted research to support their content writing team, using the principles of SEO and UX to help establish data-driven article topics and blog formatting.

Newsletter Curation for Hopkins Medical Group

A National Functional Medicine Practice

Hopkins Medical Group is a Boston-based leader in the functional medicine space. Their voice is scientific, yet approachable. In addition to crafting wellness articles, we curate a monthly newsletter to engage, inform, and grow their substantial mailing list.

Opinion Column for the Sandpoint Reader

A Regional News Publication

The Sandpoint Reader is a North Idaho publication featuring local voices on art, entertainment, and news. The bi-weekly column, “Emily Articulated” covers everything from contemporary issues, cultural reflections, modern sociology, and casual musings.

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I've had the pleasure of seeing Emily's writing come alive in a collaborative process—she has a gift for capturing the essence of whatever has drawn her focus, and sharing its story with a clarity and levity that breathes life into the work. 10/10 - would recommend.

Alex M, Creator

Emily has such a unique way with words. Any business or publication would be lucky to work with her!

Elisa W, Writer

Emily has such an incredible way with words! No matter the story, you feel like you’re right there with her. She’s had me laughing and crying! Highly recommend.

Dana M, Photographer